What We Do For Our Students

We don't just teach our students how to ride, we teach them responsibility, how to overcome challenges and how to train horses.

Many parents have come to us after their child has been in lessons for awhile and exclaimed that since they have been in lessons with Jane they have grown more confident at school.  Through overcoming the challenges of riding assorted horses, students learn they can be the leader in all types of relationships.  Not just with the horse but with people as well including their school mates.   Through the riding lessons, they learn the importance of not giving up and, more importantly, how to be a take control person.

 But along with leadership comes responsibility.  You must take care of the horse if you expect it to do its best for you.  You also need to let other people know what your plans are, if you will be out to your lesson on a certain day or not.

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Client Testimonials

Riding Lessons, School Break Activities & Boarding

I want to thank you for our wonderful horse riding experience at your ranch.  Angelina has had a fantastic time at Shady Lawn Ranch.  She seems to be comfortable both on and off the horse.  I am utterly amazed at your teaching style.  You are phenomenal with the abilities of the 5 year old body as well as the 8 year olds we saw today.  You seem to be able to assess the individual abilities of each child without making prejudgments due to the ages.  I also was impressed with the care you have for the horses which you pass down to all your students.  You really model what you teach.  Regardless of time you have patience with both the kids and the horses. 

Kris Pettit

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​I have had the pleasure of being at Shady Lawn Ranch for several different reasons.  The first has been for lessons.  As an adult in my late 30s, I was looking for something new to do to destress, as many of adults need to do.  I was recommended to try Shady Lawn and have not stop taking lessons since then.  It is great to talk to adults while riding from all walks of life, it is a great equalizer in that we all are learning something new.  From another perspective, riding is a great outlet to slow down my schedule and just relax as many adults need to do.  There is a calmness and peacefulness in riding that working out a gym, yoga studio, etc. just cannot give you.  I may not have come to my lessons smiling, but I definitely leave smiling. 

Another reason I love being at Shady Lawn Ranch is that I board two horses there.  I am definitely a novice in horse riding and boarding.  I had also looked at other ranches to board my first horse, but when I was recommended to check out Shady Lawn and talked to Jane, I definitely knew I was in the right place.  First of all, Jane loves horses and even though she has her own horses there, she will watch out for boarder horses as well.  Other ranches I looked at it, they seemed to be very distant about watching out for your horse.  Second, is Jane runs a tight ship.  The horses’ stalls are cleaned without an extra charge!!!!!!!!!  This is a big deal because at other ranches I looked at they were going to charge extra to clean their stalls.  And, as I said earlier in this paragraph, I am a novice to all of this and Jane has taken the time to help me understand how to properly care for my horses as well as learn the lingo.

The final reason I love being at Shady Lawn is that it has brought my family closer together.  Not only have my parents come down to watch me ride and help with the care of the horses, but also my nieces.  Four of my nieces had taken lessons with Jane and love horse riding.  What has been truly inspirational is that not every one of them is at the same level nor do they want to be and Jane understands this about children.  One of my nieces just wants to trail ride, another wants to end up barrel racing, and canter.  Jane understands this; however, she is adamant that they learn to control the horse and learn the fundamentals first.  It is also great that they ride different horses each time because every horse has a different personality from the other which means you have to use different skills for different horses.  And, now my parents are talking about taking lessons in the spring and they are in their 60s and 70s.

 Tyleen Williams

What We Do For Our Horses

We take care of horses while teaching our students.  Many horses at Shady Lawn are over 20 years old.  Over the years, Jane has learned how to help horses live healthy and happier lives.  We do this through exercise, diet and socializing specific to each horses needs.

One important part of being a healthy horse is the right amount of exercise.  By using the horses in the lessons and camps at Shady Lawn, we are able to extend their life and help the older horses to be more comfortable.  Just like for people, exercise is an important way to keep healthy and limit the aches and pains associated with old age such as arthritis.  We use the older horses in the beginner lessons where they don't have to work as hard.  We use the younger horses in higher level lessons where they work hard enough to keep fit but not so hard that it causes injury.

A horses dietary needs is constantly being researched by universities all over the world.  Horses needs differ depending on a lot of factors such as age, work and breed.  Jane has learned from 50 plus years of experience much of what works to help keep horses healthy.  She also asks vets, ferriers and other horse professionals their opinions.  She even took an online class from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland on Equine Nutrition which helped her to learn more about keeping her aging pony Angel, among others, more comfortable.  One of her philosophies on feeding is to try to offer a variety of feed to the horses rather than just one type of hay.  By varying the amount of each type of feed, we determine what works for each horse.

An area that many horse stables neglect is allowing the horses to be social.  Then there is the other extreme where they are put out with so many horses that many horses are brow beaten except the dominant ones that become overweight.  At Shady Lawn we try to find horses that will get along with each other for their pasture group.  During every 24 hour period, every horse gets time to turn out in a pasture with horses they get along with.  The pasture time varies depending on the horses needs but is typically a minimum of 6 hours.  The pastures are irrigated so there is green grass to help keep them from fighting as well as adding to their nutritional needs.