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Shady Lawn Ranch

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Riding Lessons, School Break Activities & Boarding

Horse Boarding at Shady Lawn Ranch​

$320 per month includes the following:

  • 12' x  minimum 28' pipe stall with shelter over part
  • Hay - 2 leaves per day, 1 leaf of 2 different types of hay - choose from alfafa, grass and either a forage mix or grain hay (such as wheat or oat hay), fed twice per day.  If your horse needs more hay you can pay an additional fee depending on how much more hay you want.
  • Turn out time each day in irrigated pasture at least 6 days per week (typically all 7) - minimum of 2 hours per day, however once your horse gets along with a small group it will either go out all day or overnight.
  • Daily stall cleaning by our staff
  • Use of our facilities - including main arena 135' x 260' with nearly half covered, round pen, 2 1/2 acre obstacle riding area, and short trail around property.  (Parts of the Main arena and obstacle area are at times unavailable for use.)
  • If your horse needs pelleted feed or supplements we charge a small fee per month to feed  your horse daily.  You can supply your own or reimburse Shady Lawn for Stable Mix or Stable Mix Senior pellets by Elk Grove Milling.

Requirements to move your horse in:

  • First months board: $320 per horse
  • Security Deposit: $100 per horse
  • If Fly season: $40
  • Sign a Boarding Agreement
  • Have a Release Form signed for all possible riders and/or handlers of the horse(s)

Total amount due prior to moving your horse(s) in is $420 per horse.  During Fly Season an additional $40 is also required.

During fly season we feed Fly Control to all horses.

  • Cost is $40/month (Required)
  • Typically from April - October
  • Note:  We also will put fly masks back on if your horse removed it and use other fly control methods as needed.

If your horse needs pelleted feed, we keep Elk Grove Stable Mix and Stable Mix Senior on hand.  For an additional fee (depending on amount fed) we can add it to your horses feed ration.

If you wish to keep a trailer on the property: $10 per month per trailer

All guests must sign a release for Shady Lawn before riding or handling horses at Shady Lawn Ranch.

All riders are required to wear riding helmets while riding on Shady Lawn Ranch property.