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Classes for adults are taught either in group lessons or in private.  Weekday mornings are the best times for these lessons since it is less busy at that time.  During most of the year, a Saturday morning Beginner Adult class is usually available.   Also, a once per week group adult lesson is offered in the evenings usually during the Spring or Fall.  However other times can be arranged as needed.  Adult lessons can be geared towards recreational riding or advancing in knowledge and skills. 

Saturday Riding Club is held every Saturday from 9:30 – 6:00.  It is geared towards experienced riders (minimum age of 9) who wish to work around the horses all day and learn more about the care of horses. The kids help clean stalls, feed, water, and prepare the horses to ride.  They also help the lower level students learn about riding and grooming the horses.  At the end of the day they ride in a variety of styles and activities.   Responsibility is a key part of Riding Club.  Kids that have gone through 2 years of Riding Club consistently are very ready to be a responsible horse owner!

Requirements for lessons

  • A signed Release Form.  
  • All riders must wear a riding helmet, riding boots and long pants.  Riders must not wear clothing that has frills, ties and ornamentation that can get caught on things.  Long sleeve or T-shirts are best, however we allow tank tops with at least a 1 inch strap.  (Please no spaghetti straps.)  Do not wear necklaces that dangle or hoop earrings while riding.
  • A deposit must be paid for the amount of the first lesson prior to the day of the lesson.  You may pay by check, cash or credit card.  You will need to call or email to get payment info.

Classes for ages 6 – 16 are taught in group lessons on weekday afternoons and on Saturdays.  (See below for current schedule.)  These lessons are geared towards students learning how to control horses as well as maintaining good balance for the best control and comfort.  As students show they are ready for the next level they are moved up.  As students continue up the levels they gain confidence in their ability to work with horses which can spread into other areas as well, such as in school.  Beginner students ride Western.  If a student wishes to learn English, they need to master control of the horse at the walk, trot, and canter first than can move on to English lessons.

To Sign up for lessons, fill out form below:               (There is a maximum          weight limit of 170 lbs.)

Call: (209)847-5924 or Email:

Riding Lessons, Day Camps & Boarding

Current Group Lesson Schedule

Monday:         3:30                                                                  Intermediate Western
                             5:00 (offered Spr & Fall only)            Beginner Western

Tuesday:          4:00                                                      Beginner English & Jumping
                              4:30 (Spr & Fall)                             Intermediate Eng & Jump

Friday:             3:45-5:30                                     Advanced Intermediate Western

Saturday:         8:30                                                    Beginner Adult
                              1:00                                                     Beginner Western
                              2:00                                                     Intermediate Western
                             9:30 – 6:00                                      Riding Club (Advanced Riders)

Riding Lessons
Shady Lawn Ranch offers Riding Lessons to ages 4 – adult.  We have lessons for beginners with no horse experience at all through advanced lessons geared towards training and control of the horse.  We offer Western, English and Beginning through Intermediate Jumping.

Classes for 4 & 5 year olds are taught one-on-one on weekday mornings only.  It is only recommended for children that have a big desire to learn to ride.  Children are taught basic position and control of the pony.  These lessons are offered only during the fall and the spring when the weather is at its best.

Cost:    $45 per 1 hour group lesson or ½ hour private

              $65 per 1 hour private lesson

            $195 for a series of 6 group lessons (to be completed within 8 weeks)

 Ask about plans for long term students.